Sic Semper Tyrannis

Thus always to tyrants. At time of writing, in America - we are living under an oligarchy headed up by a president who has been elected under false pretense, and with the help of a foreign power. The purpose of that administration is to do nothing less than remove democracy from our country, and reduce the rights, freedoms and safeguarded traditions of our country to ash.

We must do whatever we can, whenever we can, to stop this continual erosion. We take an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Our constitution is definitely under attack. The sitting president must be removed, and his retinue of awful cronies must be subtracted from government.

Those who cheer on this creature of a foreign power are being misled. They are being told he is attacking the deep state. He is not. He rallies under a banner of fighting for rights, and freedoms - but his mechanism of governance and his operation of our country is through deliberate destruction of alliances, destabilization of our country, and the removal of sacred traditions and bipartisan union. His is a tactic of division, and he is so weakened right now that it is inevitable he will try something awful, and soon.

Thus always to tyrants.