A Walk To Square

I realized slowly
with horror
that everyone around me
somehow has lost
a simple part of being human

I realized slowly
with horror
as I walked to the square
that there were far too many
who were there
and not there

who were afraid to feel
and yet feelings
washed over them
like rain

that they could not explain

Driving them on
to push open
the door
to a new fascism

I pictured them
standing at a rally
in salute
to their heroic leader

I pictured them marching down the street
murdering those who were just a little different

I pictured them so far gone
that nothing will bring them back

And I was scared
And then the cold rain began to fall
as I walked home
turning the street
into a mirror

And a sense of calm
washed over me
as rain washes away dust

And I remembered
such a long time to be gone
such a short time to be there