Amber - Becoming a Sound

I still have the dream that I am missing a class. It is an english class. I never went, the entire semester. And now I am going to fail the course. Or at least I am truly worried that I will fail the course. I go to meet the professor. She says." You passed." For some reason the last time I dreamt it, I caught myself just before started to say something like how I understood so much of the course material already, how I am studying these different forms of literature, etc. and instead, I turn and listen to her. And I listen so intently that the shock of it wakes me up.

Maybe there are no other forces in this world except those that can be rationally explained. Maybe the assumption that those forces exist, is the first step to seeking out a rational explanation. We've all had the dream we missed class. We've all awakened with a start. What was it we were really thinking about? At night we turn things over and over in our minds - searching for something.

A rabbit, when he goes into REM sleep - displays the same alpha wave pattern that he displays when he is hunting for food.


M@ said…
I dreamt that I was double-teaming a woman whom I really should NOT be double-teaming... which tells me I may need to lay off the pornography for a while.
Scarlett said…
I still dream mostly about sex I missed.