Revenge of the Nerds

Democrats are, how can I say this tactfully..? Nerds. They're into finding solutions to problems, and doing things the right way. Checking their steps. Finding repeatable solutions. They get worried about Global Warming. Wonder about civil union. And they keep asking pesky questions about foreign policy. They don't support pre-emptive self defense. And with the election of President Obama, they're taking lobbyists out of power (Obama came to the office with the least amount of money from lobbyists as a percentage of total campaign funding - in 40 years).

And unfortunately for your less than honorable friends, being kind of a bunch of nerds means that if your friend is cheating you raise your hand and tell the teacher.

Obama wanted Valerie Jarrett, a really good person - to take his Senate Seat, in Chicago. He phones up the Governor and informs him of his recommendation. This is the transcription of the taped conversation that the Governor of Illinois made with his friend, the FBI agent.

Blagojevich said he knew Obama wanted {Jane Doe} for the open seat but "they're not willing to give me anything except appreciation. Fuck them."

Really? Hmm. Well what happened next, apparently, is that Obama decides to pull Valerie Jarrett (who is apparently "Jane Doe" in this context) - out of the running for the senate seat- and makes her his senior adviser. The Governor fumed. He didn't get his bribe? What next?

We will never know precisely how the FBI was tuned into Gov. Blagojevich's direction - Someone found out he wasn't playing by the rules. Was it Obama? Who knows. I think the Governor was expecting the golden parachute. Lots of money in exchange for power. Hey, after all, its been 8 years of katie-bar-the-door cash hand over fist with the biggest-ever-in-history-spending bush republicans.

You may recall a person being appointed head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, whose previous experience consisted of raising prize horses..? Gee. Wonder if there was any money under the table there? (neigh!)

As nerdy as it sounds - we are actually going to +elect+ and +vet the appointments+ of people to office. We're going to exclude all the snarky family and personal stuff. If you got a blowjob from an intern, hey, thats your business. We don't want to know. We are going to be funding campaigns with massive amounts of money from small donors using web technology. (Lambda Lambda Lambda)

Yes, that whole partisan, corrupting - crushing "If you're not with us you're against us" thing just got thrown out the window once and for all. Families will be able to have nerdy conversations at Christmas about government policy, and not have their patriotism questioned just because they want to see the evidence of something.

Gov. Bush-republican Blego had zero chance of trying to get someone in the Democratic party to stand up for him. The whole "lets all stay on message, and sign loyalty oaths" was something this guy was obviously trying to take to the bank. You know, like Dick Cheney on the board of Haliburton before they get the billions of dollars of contracts in Iraq? Blego wanted 250,000.00 a year paid board of director positions for himself and his wife in exchange for.. Obama's senate seat.

Sorry. That seat is appointed by a fair process. Obama gave you his recommendation and you didn't take it. So long, Bush republican Democrat Blago-whatever your name is. Send us a postcard from San Quentin.