The Struggle Continues

The 20th century is over. All of the big leftist projects of the 20th century failed. Most of the countries where communists are still in power like China, Vietnam – appear to be the most efficient managers of a very wildly productive capitalism. American neo-Keynesian leftists, Krugman, Stiglitz - Keynesian welfare state model is passé. In the conditions of today’s global economy it no longer works. For the welfare state to work you need a strong nation state which can impose a certain fiscal politics and in a global market it doesn’t work. And the third point which is most problematic - the idea of critically rejecting alienated representative democracy and arguing for local grass root democracy where it’s not - you just delegate to the others. Your representatives to act for you, but people immediately engage in locally managing their affairs and dark money rises.

In this model we were fighting for less racism, women’s rights, gay rights, economic and social jusice. But if there is a lesson of September 11 and of the current events of the triumph of voter suppression and DNC fraud - is that not only is liberal democratic capitalism not the universal model and is just a time of slow historical progress for it to be accepted everywhere, but take the example of Singapore and other examples of very successful economies today demonstrate the eternal marriage between democracy and capitalism it’s coming to an end.

What we are more and more getting today is a capitalism which is brutally efficient but it no longer needs democracy for its functioning. The problems that we are confronting today we can list them in different ways but they are all problems of commons. Ecology is clearly a problem of commons. Nature - our natural environment is our commons. Finn's house of Political Pancakes, freed of people engaging in all caps stuff, is a problem of the commons.

Everyone knows some type of regulation is needed... example, the big banks. Rational capitalism no longer works. So called Intellectual property is approaching a kind of weird communism. You download everything, and generally - the so called intellectual property is communist in its very nature. It resists being constrained by private property. Direct contact between the human mind and machine / biogenetically implanting these devices and utilizing them for social control - is on the near term horizon. Concepts of income inequality, popularized and brought into the public discussion by the relentless work of Bernie Sanders - will play heavily into the regulation of society not only physically but intellectually. The amber alert system will become the amber remote car shutdown system. Drones will proliferate. United States, Mexico, West Bank, South of Spain - how to isolate Europe from Africa - will not so much become a problem of building walls but rather the overall modernization of Apartheid - the fact that there are arrogant financial elites who are separate but not equal, and the concept that they can be regulated - may be a game that is over.

Our Genetic Commons / and the common social space, are all problems of downloading, and commodities which no longer follow the market models - bring out new problems. Wikileaks should not be used for simply cheap anti-Americanism, but rather as a common source for a stronger standard of journalism. But in a society where the people no longer control their own government, whatever monied interests are threatened, be it military industrial complex or news media entertainment - that commons will be attacked - it's network neutrality threatened, and controlled and regulated but without us being aware of it. People like Julian Assange and others will be put upon a secret list.

Unfreedom experienced as freedom.

But the example of the Trans Pacific Partnership, and my battle against it - is a good one. Most people I have spoken with, in the early days of the fight - were deer in the headlights. But the TPP is incredibly important: it will radically define the basic coordinates of our economic life. But these negotiations are all done in secret. And people were purposefully kept uninformed by the news media entertainment.

So freedom is a problem. Perhaps more a problem for the black money of our system - but a problem nevertheless. And the business of news media entertainment is manufacturing consent. They want you to be happy with unfreedom.

Yes, we have freedom of choice. You can shop. But for me, freedom has to be more. It also has to mean the freedom to regulate the basic coordinates of our life.

The struggle for what we understand as freedom. Continues.

- gnu public license: many passages adopted from Slavov Zizek, and he's a good read! Please look him up!