Early Morning

is a gift
and challenge

Look it in the eye
when you are talking to it
and it will calmly regard you
and read your expression

And know
whether or not
are a Liar

is for the living
for those who live it to the fullest

Look upon the world around you
pictures of broken glass
pictures of steel

Waiting until darkness comes
in a gallery
of corridors
of pale gray
and white

Your hands touch mine
and the moment lives forever
and yet

It is gone
as soon as it begins

Life is for the rabbits
exploring mars
by balloon

Errand boy
sent by clerks
to collect a bill

Life is for the wolves
smelling the wind
and hearing the smooth rustle
of prey
in the brush

builds seratonin

builds dopamine

builds seratonin dopamine and oxytocin

In your daddy's arms again

In your daddy's arms again

In your daddy's arms