Barack Obama Wins the Peace Prize

I have been trying to convince my nanny that the net is a good source of news. 4 minutes after the Nobel committee awarded Obama the Peace Prize, and publicly announced in a press conference in Sweden - I knew. And so did she. She now gets her news online - and ameliorated her condition of being the one in her class who doesn't know current events.

In spades. Although Obama's award was seen as a call to action, on behalf of his group - in fairness the ability of our president to be free of lobbyist influence, and now - owing to Nobel - to pursue his course of action safe in the knowledge that he will be among the elite within the American presidency whose accomplishments have included halting war, and founding the UN - we can press forward from a legislative and activist agenda to carry out the plan laid out by this president. His call to action, is in fact - our call to action - just as his victory in 2008, predicated this award.

Anyone who voted for Barack Obama deserves a part of this prize - we elected a man who is uniquely free of lobbyist ties - a first for our country in 30 years. But the system itself is still rife with lobbyism, Bush Republicanism, and corruption. There is alot of work left to do.

Time will tell.