The Beatles - Rock Band

There is a game out now that actually delivers a bonus for harmony in the game play - and one that intrigues me to no end. So much so, that after being on the net since forever - I actually clicked on my first banner ad to get to it. (this was off my playlist)

The name of the game is Rock Band - a game similiar to Guitar Hero with the exception that there is some basic speech recognition on the main microphone, mostly energy based - and we add to that a drum kit, a bass and bonus score for accompaniment.

In The Beatles / Rock Band - there is actually support for 3 part harmony. This intrigues me to no end. Unlike previous versions, instead of one microphone, this version of the game will have support for three microphones. This means that, like the Beatles performances in Germany, Britain and America, you will score well if you can strike a three part harmony that strikes a chord with the audience. Each song will have different scoring potential.

What song would you want to play?