Play Misty for Me

Love can come in many different forms
some more powerful
others less

And if you're frightened
you can be frightened


You can be afraid to see and hear an old friend
Their actual presence and place

You can be afraid of loving creation
kneeling before time and space

There is a terror to knowing a person
can be the one for you

And a cold, bright shock that forever
can only bring you to the truth
with a capital TNT

Love plays upon us all in so many different ways
It can give you wings
bring you to your knee

So why be afraid of love?
It's just a feeling.


Love is a weapon
that will dwell in your energy
lock onto your scent

It will tear you out of the world
and deliver your essence
to a person or persons

And life itself is born again
from the torn remnant
of your own limits
Scarring trees
with images
of hearts
and names
and addition

We join in a playground
where you plus me
equals eternity

I am afraid
of being the man I should be

And you are afraid
to achieve
the woman you can be.

But together we dream
of Nuns
and Zombies
holding each other

Next door TV
frames on the wall

It's a comedy
of errors - you see

It's about.
Taking the fall.

The darkness that comes
before the universe

butterfly wings
and bears us up against the storm
to the flashing green