Speaking Plainly

I love you
not the idea of you
nor the nervous moment

But you.

I will always love you.
Not because I once loved you.
Or because I need you.

But because the world needs you.
The universe.
Is not complete without you.

You are the weaver of space and time
and flesh and bone
and the dark letter that strikes
upon the readable page
absorbs all light
and reflects

I do not question my love for you
or how it grows

but I know there are moments
and this is the moment

Where I speak my heart
to you. Alone.

And you are, I guess. Afraid?

It's been far too long and far too many words.
But somehow.
With each new love letter.

Even the bad ones..

I find a way to know.
That I love you.

I would likely love your children, too.
If I knew them.

And maybe.
Even your husband.

But in a different way.