There is a rock
next to a sea

Each day the ocean
destroys it

There is a beach
at the shore

And when you grow up
You will be there

Your Demons

And all the non believers
next to the plans they have made

And there is a rock
still there

And strangely cool
to the touch

Throw me a bone here
into the sky

Let it fall back down to me
as a spacecraft

For I am damned
and an image
upon your skin

And sometimes I get the feeling
that it will all wash away

And then the sharks return
and I climb to dry land

And kiss the ground
my flippers turn to hands

And I love you with all my heart
their misery and hate will kill us all
except for the little circle of flesh
within me that I transform

Into a beating heart
that still beats

For you

Just a fragment left of you now
but it's a hologram

Thank you Karl Pribram