Dear Governor Romney. Please endorse Evan. And Mindy. As our first Family.

Dear Governor Romney,

I write to you in support of Evan McMullin, for whom, and with respect to the Party of Theodore Roosevelt, I feel exemplifies the constitutional and creative values emboldened in all of us by our founding fathers.

Mitt, I know you can hear this. I'm going to lay it on the line for you. He made it through BYU while pulling 30 hours a week with the CIA. Basically, Governor Romney, you can light this dude on fire and he will keep working.

And there's something else. And it's not just Evan's excellent TEDx Talk . Which. Will one day be a TED Talk.

Gov. Romney, you are the architect for healthcare reform. We followed your lead. You have led us in many ways, spiritual, and otherwise. The party of Theodore Roosevelt, is dead. Please help us to find another home. A place where mafia Mayors don't pressure FBI Bureau chiefs to break 50 years of tradition to attempt to influence an election.. I mean, seriously? An investigation based on a gosh darned Breitbart flunky - tell-all 5.95 Clinton Cash book? A first lady who has contributed to the diminishment of women, by being a star of a pornographic video, who just yesterday, stood up to the entire American Electorate and the Great State , the Honeybee State of Utah .. and said that a program of governmental spying is the appropriate response to cyberbully activity? Sir, with respect, does this activity include Presidential candidates doing.. whatever he's doing .. with one hand, while discussing the physical imperfections of a former Miss Universe? Alleging that she's a slutty fat cow?

Governor Romney. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, all Americans are investigators. All of us. That is perhaps, my own badge of identity and neither dishonor nor honor that in two years, I have not been able to understand. Or even. Ten, sir. It's been a while. But having invited those who bring the message of truth to my own home, and repeated home schooling, I'm trying.

But all that we must do to let evil prevail, is for good men to remain silent. This I know. For I am wary, a very battle scarred man. And I look to men like you, as an independent voter in America - to help us understand the basic principles of freedom, conservatism, and efficiency - as well as the great beauty and appreciation of the mystery of heaven, Sunset at Yosemite, St. Georges, Utah - Cursum Perficio as the bats rise up out of the mountains. Sir. This is our land. And we are proud.

Speak for us. Let us know your voice. Evan McMullin deserves to be our president, and our leader. Of a new party. And a new America.

God grant me the clarity to see. The power to govern. For governing first comes from self governance. But also, transparency, and the fiscally conservative values of life well lived. For as Thomas a Kempis, a monk - who lived in 1549 , once wrote ...

" Happy is he whom Truth instructs, not by means of obscure figures, and fleeting words, but as it truly is, in itself.

Our way of thinking and perceiving often misleads us and teaches us very little. What good is there in arguing about obscure and recondite matters, when ignorance of such things will not be in question on the Day of Judgement?

It is utter absurdity for us to neglect the things that are useful and necessary, and needlessly occupy ourselves with those that are merely curious and perhaps harmful.

We have eyes, and do not see.

He whom the eternal Word teaches is set free from a multitude of theories. From this one Word all things come into being. " 17/1

Governor Romney, now is the time you make the endorsement of Evan McMullin, restore the dignity and honor of our nation, our agencies, and allow a national discourse as how best to resist organized crime and Russian influence and if , as another great Republican - admired and appreciated by Hillary Rodham Clinton, both in public and in private, to the happiness and safety of the family - the great Abraham Lincoln once said...

"Campaign Slogan... There is no grievance that is a fit object of redress by mob law..! What do you think, will the Catholics like it? Those bastards like Roger Ailes, that Goddamned campaign manager , are getting their fake religion there these days aren't they .."

(source: ye olde tavern leakes, published by Julesian Assarnge, 1838)

Really, it's time for a new party. One that I can come home to. Until then, I'm not getting anywhere near Trumpworld. And with the treason, the subterfuge, the collusion, the fascism - and the criminalization of public policy - that is now coming with the Republican part, it threatens , on the upcoming loss of election which now seems certain even in the brace of such bizarre action by the FBI, under what appears to be a criminal breech of conduct by Rudy Guiliani, who has been caught bragging about it on camera. Please Sir.

Understand. I will never get near a party that makes Donald Trump their nominee. Nor anyone like him. He is without question the worst thing that has ever happened to our country. Which wife is from America. Number one? Number two? Number three?

Do we want to go there? Your action now, helps us all. And it lights a path for me, personally, as I seek to disentangle mythoughts from this race and act for and cast a ballot of principle.

Thank you.



/1 (.. The Imitation of Christ, Thomas A Kempis, p 5-6 )