Time to Get to Work

Here's the thing. It might take one, two hours of phone bank. But God, didn't we do it for Bernie? And yea, it's a good idea to actually listen to Bernie. I always take those who can wield the power of sorcery, very seriously indeed. Especially those who have commanded the snows of Vermont and witnessed the Glory of Norway. (yes, I'm thinking about you).

And listen. It's fun working for her. I'm on the inside, I love it. She's got a great sense of humor. Much better than that Orange Julius. .. I'm talking about Kos. You bastard. Give me my account back.

But we must see it for what it truly is. It is our chance. And what would we say of ourselves, if come next Tuesday, we are all thrown into Trumpworld, we're fucked. Seriously, hardcore, rough sex, nonconsensually fucked.