The Password Doesn't Matter

I have discovered that whatever password you choose, doesn't really matter. After awhile, you can groove the password and it will be second nature.

At work they chose this really, really cryptic password for root on this cluster that runs the mail and then I happened to inherit root and that mother .. is .. gnarly. Different case. Upper/Lower Ascii. Alphanumerics. Alt characters.

And the mother is hard to type. Its like calisthenics for the keyboard. What a long distance run from my other scheme I had going there. I was running honey.

I would hang machines that were set up to look like primary servers - dictionary attack passwords left on the server so that the hackers would be drawn there. Just open up a relay ever so slightly and they will jump right on. Simple passwords but not so simple script-fu. Clue: Hackers fetch more bounty if they're still warm and breathing when you bring 'em in. They don't have to stay warm and breathin' afterwards. Thats up to ... other folks. Heh heh.

In those days of simple passwords this false idea began to grow in me that a simple password is easier to type and remember. It feels decadent to type in simple passwords. Then along came that big furball of a password..that I am using now.

I type that cryptic strange outerspace dranei password from the exodar abandoned on kalimdor password every day.

Don't even blink now. Maybe we should choose our passwords to work out our typing ? Practice our typing?

So how has your day been?


Unknown said…
I don't know if you have ever tried an online password manager but it could help out -
It generates strong passwords for you AND keeps them encrypted in a safe little 'vault'

You may have guessed it - i work for

Hope it helps!