Wednesday Night Dinner

Its wednesday night church dinner
I am talking with a friend

He is from the ivory coast
Cote D'Ivore
A dropout from MIT
he speaks of church politics in hushed tones

The pastor doesn't show for the dinner
and afterward, when it is over,
the narcotics anonymous people filter in
to sit in a circle in the dark
while we talk outside
and the children play
safely away from very cool cars
with very cool bumperstickers
and very cool people
who are sharing their sickness inside
and cigarettes outside

One of the children spit on another
I chase him
and make him say uncle
Tell him you're sorry
"You're sorry" he says
When he screams I place my hand on his mouth
opening and closing
his long, plaintive cries become peals of laughter
through his tears

Some members of this dying church
Will not pray for anyone named Kennedy
They say : "You can go to hell if you pray for a liberal"
The later service
In spanish, grows by leaps and bounds
and I, and someone who wants to be called a conservative
Are standing here in an empty sanctuary
trading jokes about blondes

My thoughts drift to a woman
going through a divorce
comfortably dressed
And behind the church, her son scratches a girls eye on the playground
I notice her subtle shade of lipstick
and look of grim determination
go well together
She brings him to justice
And the sun sets

My friend and I return to talk of the politics
of open minds
open hearts
and open doors

How to make it happen?
plans take form
powered by free food
tearing overgrown
holly , azalea - red georgia clay
pushing aside barren rock
to replace with a garden
and a quiet fountain

And the pact is made
Student Senate taught me something after all..