This is it!! Obama wins today!!

I have been posting elsewhere that the democratic primary is over today. It really is! The people who have been backing Clinton are watching this election carefully. If Obama wins convincingly in North Carolina, and if the Indiana contest is close, then it will be clear that even after a single win (Pennsylvania), the Clinton campaign cannot carry any momentum and they will be for all intents and purposes dead in the water.

The Democratic party will not allow , even with the broken system of superdelegates and party rules - their candidate to be elected by an elite. There is no way they will let the idea of the Democratic party being ruled by wealthy or influential people - become one that will carry into the general election. And also , nepotism. The Clinton campaign, as strong as she is, smacks of favoritism.

And let's face it. Hillary Clinton truly inspires no-one. She is a candidate that gets elected in Pennsylvania largely because the Pennsylvanians just don't "get" Obama. They cast their vote in the largely rural and small town districts of Pennsylvania narrowly (less than 10 percent margin) for Clinton because she simply appeals to them as a safe choice. Never mind the fact that the states largest political machine had been turning its gears on them to vote for Clinton, for nearly three months.

But Hillary will make a great Vice President. Because, the Bush administration has turned that office into an extremely powerful institution. And because the Vice President is the President Pro Tem of the Senate. And because the Clintons know what to do in the white house. They were there for eight years.

So today. My prediction. Its over for the Clinton campaign. But a new game will begin. And this voter for one, couldn't be happier. Its almost like the independents finally won out. And all the people who said the independent vote didn't count are going to fade. Every generation has their moment in which they come to power. Obama is ours. And also, - McCain - who represents change for the GOP - an escape from expensive, liberal spending bush republicans and their theocrat buddies.

Today the race is on.


Anonymous said…
I have read your Barack love letter on the elsewhere posting and I feel obligated to inform you that your claim that Hillary hasn't inspired anyone is simply wrong. Having been on the campaign trail in various states I have personally met plenty of people inspired by Hillary. I will be happy to provide you with a list of the names of some of these inspired individuals. There is one story in particular that comes to mind when I look back on those Hillary has inspired. In short, it’s about a man who is about to undergo an extremely risky surgical procedure where his survival chances are slim. Due to his health misfortunes he has been pushed into debt and is on bad terms with his closest friends who have abandoned him in a time of need. However this very man spends his last days before the surgery working day and night alongside Hillary staff. When ask why he’s doing this knowing that he may only have these few days left of this life he answers that he has seen first hand what our once great country has become and he truly believes that Hillary Clinton is the only person that really understands people like him and will fight for them every day, so why should he not do the same for her. Now my intuition tells me that you are not going to believe my story or maybe dismiss it altogether but out of sheer respect for this individual and others that have been equally inspired I have to ask you to think twice next time you decide to write something as rubbish as “Hillary has inspired on-one”.

Only time will tell who will be the nominee and eventually the president. But I don't understand why are you on the offensive if its so clear that Barack will win or has already won. Surely this could be interpreted as you doubting or having concerns over Barack actually winning.
M@ said…

I agree with Anonymous about Hillary inspiring some of us, no matter how much my family in Vermont may resent me for not getting on the white-liberal Obama train early on....

As conservative as I believe myself, an online political diagnostic showed my true colors--but for the border and demographic politics, I am a liberal. The politicians with whom I most agree are Hillary Clinton (76%), John Edwards (72%) and Dennis Kucinith (72%).

I really think Hillary would make a good president and I won't back off that assertion. The only problem with her health care proposal is that she's white and that is the truth.

Regarding John McCain, I have nothing good to say. Where he is liberal, I am conservative. where he is conservative, I am liberal.

I'll swallow hard and vote for Obama.

I did like Paul Begala's comment today that Obama's base is a coalition of the "eggheads and African Americans."

That cracked me up. Obama may need a shot of Crown Royal to live that one down.
M@ said…
But while you and I focus on the general election, Turner, the rest of America will join us in four to eight weeks.