He's a pretty decent candidate; his experience in foreign policy will save our country so much money its hard to understand why any conservative wouldn't buy off on the Obama/Biden ticket.

And if you think its not expensive to be pouring 200 billion dollars a year into failed foreign policy initiatives, think again. When we had capable presidents like Kennedy and Ike, we handled the same threat levels - in fact, even bigger threat levels - with skill and economy.

In the end, I guess we all have to come to terms with the fact that the Bush administration allowed a massive attack to occur on American soil, destroyed the Pentagon, then cut deals with nearly every big energy and military hardware company to make us all think that the 100 dollar tax refund we got in the mail is going to save us from the 200 billion dollar a year bills they're running up burning off their old hardware in the desert - and grifting us with middle east oil pricing scams at the gas pump. I know someone who has to pay 120.00 every time they fill up.

If you voted for Bush, an error that several conservatives made - then just know that you stop being evangelical when you realize they've been trying to scare you. Obama's got a big tent. When you go inside that tent, you can look around and realize that all this talk about religion and terrorism is really all about trying to get to you to think about things beyond your own timeframe. And then you realize that they're trying to get you to stop focussing on the budget. Nothing wrong with conservative principles, they work just fine. Bill Clinton proved that. What's broken would be anyone who wants to sell you out in some backroom lobbyist deal that ends up shouldering a new , hidden taxation without representation upon you, and your children.

Obama came to power on his own, no lobbies. Joe Biden took a more traditional route, but back in 1972 when he basically cut his way into congress, it was a different game. Nixon's people were having a blast, basically just breaking the law whenever and wherever they wanted. Biden rose to power in that neo-watergate era of the smoke filled room. He was a foreign policy star from early on. The Vice Presidency is a good office for him; he is just enough , I said livin' just enough. For the city.

The bigger question about both Biden, and Obama, is - exactly how much power will Obama return to the people and rebalance the houses of power?

Bush, in addition to leaning on evangelism, used the team of Cheney and Rumsfeld to create a unitary executive. The office of the presidency now ignores legislation , using signing statements as effectively a line item veto - the office set up its own deeply flawed intelligence network (and we're paying for it still), its spying on citizens without warrants or oversight . And it authorized classification of documents that obscured its purposes under the aegis of the war of "freedom versus fear". Yes, you will never see condition green from the Dept. of Homeland Security. But it was the earmark of the administration to have documents like ecological studies classified, or Enron transactions from the power grid black lined "in the name of protecting America from an attack on vital power infrastructure".

So things are out of kilter.

Will Obama turn that power back into balance? Who knows. One thing is certain. McCain isn't going to win. No way. No how. Not with guys like Biden on board. Good choice for VP. IMHO