Doing what I am supposed to be doing

Even though the race isn't ever going to be won
And I am old and grey and fat and useless
Even though the world is full of corruption
I am doing what I am supposed to be doing

Even as I write and the world isn't quite
Ever going to be the nice place we want it to be
We pay for our victories against the dark one
I've got to get done what I'm supposed to get done

I know its not the same to be sitting here in eight fold way
Four of me to the four winds and Four of me to the Four Time
Then, Now, Here and There. Just another way to feel we're travelling
To be doing what it is we're supposed to be doing

How do we feel time? Can we feel it without space
When I get drunk
I can't feel my face

Sometimes I like to look
At women dressed in lace

Maybe the sun will set on me
but I am doing
whatever it is I am supposed to be doing
So don't expect
to tangle with me today

Don't even think about
picking a fight with me
whatever you do
will just make me work harder
like Michael Phelps
Attention deficit disorder

Every path leads to nowhere
And I'm riding a horse with hooves of fire

Neither cold nor sleet nor dark of night
will stay me from my round

Get used to it.