Obama's Speech

I am beginning to get the feeling that I was witness to an historical event last night, in listening to Obama's speech.

As I was listening, and more importantly - afterward I started to review all that I'd been up to with my life - things that are on my list that haven't gotten done, etc.. It was as if I were listening to Kennedy, during his speech where he said .. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

Then, on a more personal level I began to realize that guys like Tiger Woods and Barack Obama are taking us places that we're really not comfortable going. Placing high out of Harvard Law, fighting through Daly's political machine, Working through the United States Senate to the Oval Office.. isn't much different, really , than negotiating the dangerously fast greens of the 10th, or nailing a driving down the 11th at Augusta. When I was young, one of the most significant moments of my life was watching Nicklaus hole a long putt for a Masters Saturday Win. I literally believed I could do it, and at the age of four, literally took my little plastic clubs and headed out to the Augusta national to play. (I sank a sidehill, 20 footer on robert trent jones course at hilton head once, so don't laugh. I still remember the feeling of doing it. I holed the same putt on a carpet in front of the TV before I packed up and left for Augusta. I told my mom also, she didn't believe me until the car picked me up and dropped me home that day..)

Moments like these happen to us all. We suddenly realize the best decision in life, is action. We move forward and take charge of whatever it is we're supposed to do.

I actually feel weird about saying this ( thanks Amber ) ... but I am inspired. And given that I am probably the worlds second largest political cynic , thats saying alot.

The inspiration hit me personally, it made me evaluate what I was all about and do things differently. I'm not sure where I'm going with all of this. I just wanted to say that, I'm pretty sure - for the first time in my life - a Statesman actually said something that meant something to me.

I am frankly a bit afraid that Obama will enter the white house and become our next president. The prospect for change somehow suddenly became real last night, and the truth is, its a scary feeling .



M@ said…
Well, to assauge your "concerns," I don't think change would take us down an anti-American route--or he'd be impeached and then subsequently removed from office.

Usually, foreign policy doesn't differ 90 degrees from the last guy and there's a bit of continuity and people work together.... The change I'm talkin' 'bout is smashing the oil lobby like the FBI smashed the mafia.

Oh yes, it is possible.