The end of the world (as we know it)

I am by training a physicist, and by practice an engineer. I live the motto - Less Judgement - More Curiousity. :-}

I have followed an experiment for a long time. The basic idea, is that when we hit a beam of particles, with another beam - and we hit them hard enough - the constituent elements of the particle break away. Since its in a magnetic field, they make these little spirals (right handed). The spirals can happen in this place called a bubble chamber, where it will leave a little glowing trail like an airplane across the sky (assume voice of sam kennison .. "spiraling to its DEATH! oh! ohhh!! .") ...

So, here's the thing. We've always wanted to measure the energy of the vaccuum. 3/4's of the universe , are this kind of dark matter. In fact, interesting point: if you collect up the dark matter in the solar system, its about enough for a small asteroid or a large man. Say a big one with a long flowing beard.

This sort of background energy (the higgs boson, is the particle we're talking about) is so important, that the universe likely depends on it. It has played a major role in star and galaxy formation since the beginning of time, oh, you know, maybe 6.63 x 10 to the minus 34 seconds or so, at least.

And now, pretty soon we're going to get to see if finding one makes a cute, teensy tiny little black hole that will consume our entire planet in about a year.