What Happens When We Die?

I mean this in a good way.

There's a relationship between sex and death. Sex is a way to increase genetic diversity when the cycle of life and death are longer than the cycle of your opposition's mutation cycle.

You have to understand the common virus to get this. A virus is a simple thing. A protein sheath wrapped around a some dna.

All a virus does is live to cut into your DNA and then use you, as a kind of evil host to make more of itself. Virus life cycles are short. 20 days. So they mutate. Alot. You might make a copy of yourself once every 20 years, or even once in your life. They've got an advantage.

But evil plagues are continually dying off and trying to come up with something new is hard. We are betting that the virus will have to repeat itself. So, what we do, genetically with all these unexpressed sequences of code, is we leave them in our study like a trophy. In fact, its kind of like an armory..

And so we end up with library sequences that allow us a chance to trade them to keep current. In effect, we're outfoxing the competition . Foxy girls help.. but if we never died, we'd probably at some point never have to have sex again. Which makes immortality seem a bit more attractive to some people I'm sure..

What about Cell death? We have spoken of the link between mutation and the need to combat viral code - but what of our own , preprogrammed death? Our cells are coded to panic and die at certain damage points. Damage them enough, and they simply go into a panic. But perhaps the things that go on just before that point are enough to transfer our existence out of the body.

Now, if you look at the mind, consciousness, and the brain, the assumption that the mind and brain are the same thing is fine for most circumstances, because in 99% of circumstances we can't separate the mind and brain, they work at the exactly the same time. But then there are certain extreme examples, like when the brain shuts down, that we see that that this assumption may no longer seem to hold

I think we might be pretty close to finding the origin of life. The Bheulosov - Zhabotinsky reactions and perhaps the Michaelis transforms, are an origin of networking, speech and language, and sex - and also, likely - death. We might not be far from an understanding of the chemical basis of that change. And systematic prosody variance. And maybe the shadow world as well.

Because if the mind can transform itself into an alternate, electrical pattern - it will give us a chance to travel from one dimension to another. Like a fractal, it can replicate into another existence. Time would be relative. Maybe the entire life of a universe would transpire. But it would happen quickly for us.

What happens when we die?