Obama = The Next Great President of the US

This is epic. Absolutely epic. Obama today announced that any bill that is coming to his office for signature, 5 days before - will be posted online, right here in the blogosphere - to invite comments.

If you are a tired old bush republican, you're probably going to just ignore that but to myself, as a free-thinking independent, this is huge. The lobbyists that control the bush republicans have engineered a huge takeover of Washington, quietly in the last eight years of unbridled - unprecedented - historic abuse of power. They operate by silently slipping provisions into bills at the last minute, and passing bills in the middle of the night. They wine and dine politicians, give them cash. The GOP has been taking it hand over fist, making the markets the free, open and wonderful thing that they are. Riiight. Oh yeah and making America. "strong". But one caveat. Almost all of these so called "strategy groups" that are just another name for "lobbyist" ... are being paid for by companies that are now operating in several other countries. You tell me. Are they operating in America's best interest?

The pajama clad bloggers spotted them, and put the hunter's mark on them six years ago. We have never stopped. Bloggers do more for democracy than any other force.

Elect someone who understands that, and America will be great. The world has fundamentally changed. With respect, an 80 year old grandfather is not the one who will lead us there.