Sarah Palin, the GOP vice presidential candidate, and frankly - the person overshadowing McCain himself in his own campaign - has been kept from the press by the McCain campaign. Afraid that the press will probe into questions like "Didn't you run in 2006, with the 'Bridge to Nowhere' as part of your campaign promises?", which she did. Or .." But Sarah, you only shut down the 'Bridge to Nowhere' project after congress cancelled the funds, right?" ... or maybe, how about " But Governor Palin, did you in fact actually take money from the 'Bridge to Nowhere' project" , which, of course, she did. In fact, the Wall Street Journal - who is NOT a member of the so called "liberal media" that the campaign is supposedly "protecting her " - reported today:
Despite significant evidence to the contrary, the McCain campaign continues to assert that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin told the federal government "thanks but no thanks" to the now-famous bridge to an island in her home state. [...]

But Gov. Palin's claim comes with a serious caveat. She endorsed the multimillion dollar project during her gubernatorial race in 2006. And while she did take part in stopping the project after it became a national scandal, she did not return the federal money. She just allocated it elsewhere.

No. The McCain campaign has arranged for ABC news Charles Gibson to walk and talk with Sarah Palin. The McCain campaign will have eight people checking to make sure that Sarah says everything correctly. If she makes a mistake, they'll ask " Hey, that wasn't such a good answer - can we try that one again?"

What I fell we, as American voting public, should be allowed to see - is the contract that they forced ABC to sign. Why should it be a secret, that if a presidential candidate agrees to be interviewed, by the press - but only under certain terms and conditions - that the terms and conditions be kept secret?

Say for example, there was a black dude there. And his daughter got pregnant at age 17. Say he refused to be interviewed unless it was under secret terms and conditions. What would you want to do - find out what they were? "No taking pictures of my pregnant 17 year old girl", .... or " Stay away from these pot plants I have growing in the back yard".

Or maybe "We are allowed to change the answers to the questions we give." Thats the one the Bush Republicans want. In the meantime, just as the Bush Republicans spent - are you ready for this - millions and MILLIONS of dollars making marketing and advertising campaigns simply to convince the American public that they were right ( which isn't a good thing, if you're wrong) ... the McCain campaign is spending their own campaign money to send out political ads that are false. Literally. They're advertising that "Sarah Palin stood up to the Bridge to Nowhere project". She did. not.

Why Sarah's Interview Sucks: Because its just so.. Bush Republican.


M@ said…
OK, you're getting a little ridiculous w/ the black dude and the pot plants... but I see your point.

Obama says he's not running against Palin but his aids are sure as hell pressing for her to meet the press.