American Medical Association Endorses Reform

The independent, and conservative American Medical Association along with another major political action group - endorsed Healthcare Reform in the whole cloth.

A doctor must balance his politics against mischief. He takes an oath not to get involved in pranks, which puts most doctors either against their oath - or working for the public good in larger measure. Two examples come to mind, one of whom is Dr. Howard Dean.

And so the problem for the Doctor has really been out of control litigation in the industry - and this is an underlying problem whose root cause can be traced to structural issues in treatment. Teams of doctors, unnecessary tests, and complicated billing procedures all plague our healthcare standard. Doctors first and foremost practice their art because they genuinely want to see people get better. They hate to see people paddling at the bottom of the well.

When the healthcare reform package passed the General Accounting Office review, the GAO sent a report back to congress that not only would the reform pay for itself as a program - but it would in turn show a modest surplus. Further details of the plan were to be found in public option, which increases competition, - a market exchange , which allows consumers more choice in the selection of their plan, and specifics regarding preexisting conditions which not only require coverage but also keep insurance companies from uprating the covered person.

Another factor of the reform is that it requires all Americans, just like the drivers licensing bureau require us to carry liability - for driving - to carry health insurance. Doctors suffer from having to treat people who have no coverage. A doctor will treat someone who is not covered. But he will not get paid for it, or his payment will come from a complicated state system that will take a long time to pay or pay very little if at all.

Conservatism, in the end, was balanced against the structural problems of dealing with a system that, if left unregulated or without constraint - would continue to get worse . And so the AMA endorsed the current healthcare reform.

Nowhow about your senator? Please take a minute to tell him what you think about healthcare reform! :)


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