Nothing Left to Discuss

You must pay 25.00 to the American Society
for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals
You must agree to never cage a feral cat again
With an Ice Cooler
You must allow yourself to be caught in an Extramarital affair
By Bringing your Girlfriend home and fucking her in your wife's bed
She will wear
A beautiful scent
That will remain upon your pillows
The concept of this will turn you on
You will come seven times thinking about it
Because women are competitive
You will be referred to in her Blackberry
By your wife's first name
So that each time you call
Your mistress will answer it as if it was your wife

You will leave the camp B-rated movie
That you and your mistress stole your way into
Sleep through this masterpiece is not allowed
This is the only way
You can prove that you can deal
And you will then take her home
Where your sexual performance must be unreal
Fucking your girlfriend In your wife's bed
While she is still home
To prove that you can feel
This is not negotiable

You will answer each and every one of my questions
And when we are done

You will fucking disappear

But just one thing
You will not make any mistakes
Because after all
You really aren't extramarital affair material, are you
So don't clip her nipples
then take them off just as she comes
Because she might scream
And come too hard

It has to be silent sex
sort of like a cat plays with a mouse
After its dead

Oh but one more thing
Your cellphone battery died
And so
We have nothing left to discuss
You and I

Like Epictetus
And Pandora
You see, the box has been opened
And that is why when I left you that night
I chose to spend it with a friend
thank heaven
I was able to close the lid
to save one last demon

he stirs around in the dark
leathery winged apotropeia
restless, he slams against the box
and whispers his name
one must never hope
one must only plan
he moves around in the dark
he has the shape of a man

who has nothing left to discuss