My Uneasy Relationship with AdSense

I logged in tonight, while a Windows 7 install was going on and there at the top of my blog was a Pro Move adsense advertisement at the top of my blog.

Ok, thats just. Creepy.

I am in fact, moving. I am going to sell my home, and go to cash one way or another in the next two weeks. I have bidders for the thing although I want to get it into the hands of a friend of mine. I have lived in my home for 15 years. This is a good time for me to take the equity out and shop the market.

Appraisals are the main thing these days. The area in which I live has had a steady appraisal value but the bank will still downrate the amount they give you based on where they think the appraisals will go. Basically, they're saying whatever you think its worth, its worth 20,000.00 less than that.

Much of why my home has held its value centers around its location. My wife and I used to walk through the woods to this beautiful lake not far from where we are. We would cross this old railroad, marked with signs from MCI for a big fiber conduit. As a network engineer I always smiled about the fact that a big fiber conduit ran through my backyard. Now a jogging trail replete with historical sites conveniently paves over the entire rail line.

Two blocks in front of my home the City decided to build a big park, two soccer fields. But the clincher was the maneuver that a builder tried to make in our neighborhood. There was a big lot to the left of my home, which sits in two sudbdivisions. The guy wanted to put smaller homes in there; and our neighborhood stood up against him. We ended up ahead of the game. All of his homes sold out in the 600k range, they were all big and beautiful and they all sold in advance. My neighborhood was one of the only neighborhoods in Atlanta that actually held constant through the crash and gained 1, maybe 2 percent.

I guess I should do my neighbors a favor and hold out for a great price on my home. I have a price in mind, but honestly I just want out. Not out of the home, I love the home. But out of the lifestyle I've been living for the past three years. Its been a series of uphill climbs.

I was offered a job, and I'm going to take it. The small business, which has been a huge part of my life these past 10 years - is going to have to be a part time project.

With the sole exception of my grant research, which - if funded, would mean that I am going to be working on that for two years more. And yes, I am up to the last three pages. Maybe five. Its like swimming through a pool of frozen oatmeal. But it will get done.

So. I am looking at my AdSense today warily. I might even click on them. I have a stack of books for apartments - I want to be in an apartment for six months while I shop for a home. How the AdSense figured this out, I am not so sure.

Maybe there's a statistical probability related to how many posts I've written about Betty Page, and the likelihood that I am going to get a divorce.

Google scares me.