The Old Senate Chamber

The senate meets here in the old chamber, tomorrow. This is presumably so they can debate behind closed doors - on a nuclear treaty. It's a really cool place.

Given the fact that these guys have passed major reforms to healthcare, prevented a full-on depression, reigned in wall street gambling addict culture, boosted the housing market (and I might add, made a big boost in my own personal situation as a result), passed groundbreaking civil legislation by nuking DADT, and passed laws that are now creating whole industries of green economy companies (hint: replace your AC and heater now, with an effecient one - while you still get a tax credit) - somehow all of this just makes sense that tomorrow they're going to close the hardest working congress in my living memory - with a session in the old senate chamber to work on a nuclear treaty that's been around for nearly a half a year.... They're actually getting as much work done as the old senate. They deserve it.

The final work is important. Make sure you are tracking Net Neutrality. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. Wow. I just used that sentence in a blog post. I typed it without error. Rock on.

The FCC chairman is trying to get a toxic internet proposal quietly passed. One that will destroy net neutrality (guess which lobbyist wants this to happen. you got it. Comcast). You can attend that FCC meeting and weigh in on it! It happens tomorrow. Just hit this link, to attend the meeting on Net Neutrality. No bozos. Tell them you want a cool, open internet. Watch the meeting live! Vote! And then for god's sake, go have a great Christmas.