Selling Out

Everytime I put a keyword in a post, I get scanned for content and the ads change. This post is about selling out. Now, just a moment while I take a drink of this delicious, refreshing Dasana spring water. Its so cool and clear , no added preservatives or flavorings.

All of this refreshing goodness reminds me of BMW Films masterful videos that even today I find amusing. Of course, I would probably want to drive a Mini today, instead of my old 750. My kids, who both love Spongebob Squarepants™ - really would make having a 750 a kind of taxing experience. Delicious Bruesters Ice cream milkshakes would eventually end up getting spilled all over the Bose Brand speaker system in the back. They'd find a way to put girly girl Barbie™ stickers on the walnute burl shiftplate and dashboard. Of course, getting them off would be a breeze with Goof-off brand sticker remover. Really, we all know that the only thing that would be safe in the car, would be my Motorola RAZR version 3 stylish cellphone complete with Bluetooth handsfree accessories - as I love it so much that I never leave it far from my person. Especially in its new black matte finish.

No, this post about selling out is not about quality film. And not about placement either. I cannot measure myself against films like the one about FEDEX brand high-reliability document deliverabilty. Yes, "Castaway", a film about a FedEx delivery person braving the odds of isolation in the south pacific to dutifully deliver a package to the midwest - has blazed the trail for me. No, you won't find any FedEx packages landing face up in carefully arranged pattern as I lay there on the sand after falling out of an airplane.

These babies are just too beautiful to get dirty with all that beach sand. and Fedex™ shipping is so reliable, I may never get my mittens on a lost shipment!

Now, everyone knows I write occasionally about politics - and I certainly wouldn't be selling out to a candidate trying to buy their way into the blogosphere. Thats why I believe , right now, that Hillary Rodham Clinton, gosh dog-gone it, has won the popular vote and the Delegates from Michigan and Florida should be counted properly! I totally understand the statement about how all the delegates can switch their votes at the convention. She's about change. And honestly, who is the best qualified candidate? Lets be serious. This is the blogosphere, and this pajama-clad blogger certainly can't be bought so easily!

All of this just makes me hungry! I want something thats good for me, and good for the environment! So its time for me to get some Peanut M+M brand snack candies, or maybe some slightly chilled Haribo brand Gummi Bears, a cool DASANI flavored water and snack out. Mmm... Coca Cola brand drink products like Dasani and Minute Maid brand, are flavorful and refreshing. Now, I'm definitely in the mood to play WoW!

Who knows, thanks to you reading this, and getting your free Trial account, maybe tonight I will play World of Warcraft(tm) online game, and "Cast a Scroll of Resurrection" on my characters , getting a free month for referring a new person to the game. The adventures await you! I am certainly not going to delay.

I might even play the amazing Halo 3 game, by Microsoft. What a fun night of consuming fast food, and playing video games I have in store for me! Yes, I am certainly happy to be writing this sincere blog post about everything that means so much to me. Sort of like that guy who got buried in his own Pringles can?

Only in America, home of Democracy™.