A Billion Wicked Thoughts

There's a new book out , called "A Billion Wicked Thoughts". It's kind of cool. The authors - Dr. Ogi Ogas, Ph.D. and Sai Gaddam, Ph.D., analyzed h more than a billion Internet searches in order to learn about the differences between male and female sexual preferences. And why men are more likely to have fetishes. From the book:
The male sexual software is what a computer engineer would call an 'OR gate.' It is instantly aroused by any single cue. The male brain is turned on by deep d├ęcolletage or sashaying hips or the whisper of a sultry voice or two Applebee’s waitresses kissing. The female sexual brain is what a computer engineer would call an 'AND gate.' It requires input from multiple cues simultaneously to surpass a combined threshold of activation before arousal occurs. … Though for most men the OR gate can be triggered by any one of a variety of sexual cues, for some men one specific cue is essential. This necessary cue is a fetish

I'm sorry - but the image of two Applebees Waitresses kissing - was classic. I had to include that quote here.

Ok. Now it's time to face the facts. One of your searches was a part of the survey. After all, a billion searches - is a pretty large number of search entries - right? It's highly likely that one of your searches was a part of the data. So. What do you think? Which one?


Anonymous said…
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