George Anthony / Child Abuse Allegations

As you may know, the Casey Anthony murder trial concluded today / with the Jury finding Casey Anthony not guildy of killing her own daughter. I would like to draw your attention to a few facts, about why this makes sense - and what might be the best path forward for this still ongoing and imperative investigation.

First, it puts spark back into an investigation that was , by my account, not that well done. Evidence was ignored. Case in point: the investigators got a tip that the body of the murder victim was placed in a swamp area, but they didn't follow up on it until 4.5 months later - by then, discovering 'dry bones'. Point two - the prosecution seemed to place alot of importance on 'smell of rotting human flesh' emanating from the trunk of Casey Anthony's car. However, it was shown that certain bugs that inhabit rotting human flesh - were not discovered in the car. Also, oddly, the rotting groceries that were left in an impounded car - and it should be pointed out that the person who owned the car (Casey Anthony) - was in Jail - were all 'dried out' and removed from the vehicle. The consequent smells not recordable. Perhaps a better approach might have been to have captured the aroma of rotting garbage, and then allowed witnesses to correlate their sense of smell. But instead, like Caylee Anthony herself, we were left with dried out evidence. This is not, to my mind, good investigative practice.

But more importantly, I feel we should look at the moment that Casey Anthony was acquitted. George Anthony is the Father of Casey Anthony. His own daughter was in danger of being sent to the electric chair. His reaction, when the verdict was read - and he found that his own daughter was , by a jury of her peers - not guilty - seemed, to me, to be one of dismay and dispassionate demeanor.

During the trial, we learned by Casey's testimony - that, at the age of 8, her father began to touch her inappropriately and then proceeded , at the age of 10, to force her to perform acts of oral sex upon him.

Why did Cindy Anthony not know this? Perhaps, she sensed it in her intuition. Cindy Anthony, George's wife -filed for divorce soon after Caylee Anthony was born. This would be in line with someone who does not trust a man, around young children.

George Anthony was a former police investigator. Before, that is, he began to , apparently collect checks from a make believe job - that he told his wife he was going to each day.

Psychologically, Cindy Anthony would have had to have developed a profound sense and ability to lie to herself. She would have to tell herself , repeatedly, that the small nuanced gestures and the very real proximity to her husband's intimate sexual life - might reveal that her husband is in fact a child molestor.

And a ten year old girl, seeing her mother lie to herself, repeatedly, day after day after day. Can easily become a pathological liar.

Something seems not quite right with the Anthony family - and her aunt even testified that somehow, she seemed to view Casey as a child of ten - the year the abuse began full force. Perhaps her aunt blocked it out as well.

In the film "Precious", a young girl is abused by her father. Her mother expresses jealousy - of the child. She gets into physical confrontations with the child. She threates the child with punishment. Cindy Anthony tried to choke Casey Anthony. She fought with her, and threatened to send her to jail. She wanted Casey out of her husband's life. So she could have him all to herself. But one thing got in the way.

A new , little girl, for George Anthony to potentially abuse. And perhaps that realization - is what made Cindy Anthony file for divorce soon after Caylee was born. Or perhaps, it was George Anthony having an affair.

Either way, the allegations of child abuse against George Anthony appear to have a factual basis. A man is responsible for the well being and safety of his family. He is seen as a protector, and a provider. A small child, growing up - in an environment of sexual abuse, sees their father as an authority figure. A child abuser will ask his or her children to purposefully lie about what he is doing, and in so doing, the children are taught a form of pathological behavior that may be difficult to depart from them in later life.

Which is quite possibly why, as George Anthony may have reflected upon the death of Caylee Anthony, and his actions against his own daughter - he tried to commit suicide in 2009. He went to a motel room - a common place for sexual liasions. And he sat down on the bed and proceeded to tell everyone he's ending his life - sending text messages to his family. The relatives called 911, and they traced his phone to the motel where he was staying, and he was involuntarily (Baker Act) admitted into the hospital on suicide watch.

We've heard alot about how it doesn't make sense, for a mom, to be partying when her child must have died. Perhaps , somewhere in the back of her mind - there was a place she could go to, like a 10 year old girl being forced to perform oral sex on her father. A place where her daddy tells her that he loves her, and that she needs to do as he says.

In my mind, the reopening of the investigation of the death of Caylee Anthony - is a great justice done to the world. Push harder, and farther - and find the real murder. Or at the very least, what really happened.

The allegations of child abuse, may in fact be true.


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