Let's start by making it clear... who is the enemy.

We as a country, have risen to combat threat from without - and within. We've fought the Third Reich, battled Tojo, and exposed and routed the black McCarthyists. The KKK is a worthless shadow, thanks to the diligence of the south. And the organized crime of the north - with all its political machinery, has been disassembled and sold for scrap. The drug cartels have by and large lost their power. We are a stronger country for it.

And now, we are in the midst of a full out attack from within that if left unchecked, will proceed through the next seven days - to destroy our country, and our economy.

Lobbyists are an army of spies and saboteurs - not working for the government of a foreign power - but rather groups of corporations and individuals who have a vested interest in bringing America to her knees. Chinese shadow corporations. Arab oil interests. Multinational multi global mult-10k special purpose entity cash accounts that funnel billions of dollars into our country like so much heroin into the vein of the arm of lady liberty.

America, in the latter part of the 20th century, had unprecedented control of its own political institutions stolen from her - the thief lives and grows. Thanks to the supreme court ruling of 2010, corporations were able to boost the power of lobbies - tenfold. They multiplied and swarmed like microbes in a drop of water - and spread the toxic effect of the first ever bought-out midterm election in the history of our country - with over 4 billion dollars raked out of our economy. The lobbyists didn't succeed in taking over the more stable house of the senate - but they pushed hundreds of their puppet men into the house of congress. And then, they proceeded to make pledges that they would not listen to members of their own constituency - but would instead align their actions to lobbyists. Yes, America, we did not ask our congressmen to sign a pledge. The lobbyists did.

Lobbyists love dog and pony shows. They have news media entertainment channels that do nothing but broadcast them twenty four hours a day. They have talk radio stations that parrot whatever the central Apparatchik wants them to say - their monitors within the broadcast booth alive with ads from second rate AM radio advertising companies, and talking point memorandum. Overweight, drug addled radio announcers spend all their time desperately trying to get someone else to say their name in public. So they can sell more useless, AM radio trash. And the lobbyists benefit all up and down the line. Moving their product like heroin into the arm of Lady Liberty.

The greatest conservative ever - Thomas Jefferson - once wrote - a free press is essential to the workings of a democracy. We have, in this country - witnessed a burglary of our collective legislative house. And we've seen a coverup - with the same free press that we've relied upon to give us the facts, now quite easily giving us whatever they're told to give us. Don't believe me. Last week, a man who was in charge of the news media entertainment mechanism - lied to the government. He had been caught destroying human beings, and their privacy - spying on the public, wiretapping and breaking into citizen's cellphones. And he stood there and lied about it.

Someone threw a shaving cream pie in his face.

And the news media entertainment industry - the same industry that, when George W. Bush was president - would get daily talking points memorandum that say "Today, make the president look heroic". ... reported the incident as "the heroic wife story".

And an adulteress - who came to our country to study - and seeing an opportunity - had an affair with the husband of the family who put her up - that oh, by the way, helped her to get where she was going next. After using the couple that put her up as an exchange student, she jumped to another man, used him, and so on until - finally - she 'fell in love with a billionaire' so much older than her he looks like her grandfather. She honestly looks like she's there to change the guy's diaper. And suddenly , she becomes a news icon. Excitement spreads over how valiant she was.. Should we forget why? It was because she slapped a guy ... who threw a pie in her husbands face because her husband was lying to congress.

The lobbyists - hiding in the dark corners of our country - met, and collectively decided that the best way to keep stealing and raping our country - was to make sure there are plenty of puppet journalists and talk show personalities - to make them all look heroic.

And then, one year - a group of five people - running a small and still underfunded website - simply reported the truth and blew the lid off the governments of the middle east, and America - and then, following swiftly afterward - Osama Bin Laden was caught and found - living in the safety of a high end suburb in the land of a foreign government more than willing to look the other way.

We might be looking the other way, as well. If we do not realize and recognize this threat before it becomes a viral problem , spreading through the coming election year. Norway recently suffered under the attack of a christian conservative. American is suffering under the concerted attack of a vast network of men and women dedicated to splitting off our voting power and representation in government - from the person that they so desperately want to believe - that they must politically advertise, to send there.

We send them there. Not the lobbyists. And we have the power to tell them to do the right thing. Use that power . Now is the time. Tell them that the self inflicted crisis we are suffering from must end, and that the so called 'Gang of Six' proposal - which cuts 4 trillion dollars from the federal government and balances social programs that are well needed - a bipartisan bill - is something you support. Its passage is crucial to our country. Call them now.

After all, the lobbyists have almost destroyed our country. Our first priority is to keep it from imploding - then we can clean house. So many of us want this crisis to end - and this vote, a procedural vote that allows our country to operate and make good on our debt and obligations - and keep the full faith and credit of our United States of America - has been passed no less than 17 times through Presidents such as Reagan, Bush Sr., Bush, Clinton and many others. This is not a battle of liberalism versus conservatism - it's a battle for control of a train that is now speeding off its track. Once we get that train back on track, and avert the upcoming (in seven days) crash - we can find the blackguard who snuck into the control room - and jammed the controls.

Act now.