Casey Anthony Trial/ Final Notes

The Casey Anthony Trial, for me, at least, demonstrated that the system did work. Casey Anthony is very obviously a messed up person. This is beyond a doubt. And the trial wasn't about how she became who she was.

Instead, it was a murder trial - where the State of Florida, in news-media entertainment style - chose to try to press forward with a murder case - not knowing the cause of death. This simple, fundamental question - should bother anyone who would either serve on a jury, or be in front of one. There was no smoking gun.

I do not know who killed Caylee Anthony. But I feel the question is an important one, because it deals with innocent human life that was quite obviously either taken or wasted. My vote here is that the State of Florida keeps digging, and finds out who killed her. The murder occurred in the middle of a highly christian conservative area of Florida - where 'family values' seem to make alot of difference at the polls. And the trial that resulted, turned into a tourist attraction.

And so, the final note is that this is now returned to investigation - - any tips should go to : The State of Florida / Dept. of Law Enforcement .

Things that still don't add up:

1. Casey Anthony
In court, under oath - she testified she'd been sexually abused by her father. Women who have been sexually abused report low rates of secondary school completion, long-term mistrust of others, illness, depression, and dissociation. Pathological lying is probably somewhere within that spectrum of behavior. Why did she simply not tell the truth? Was she covering up for someone?

2. Casey's Father.
A former Police Investigator that drives home a car that smells like a dead body. The supposedly last one to see Caylee, claiming she is with her mother and the first one to pick up the notice to go get the supposed dead body car. And in all of this, he calls the police to complain about someone taking his gas cans from the back yard, valued at 40.00 worth of gas. For all intents and purposes - a primary caregiver to this 2 year old child in a house that had no child locks on the doors and sliding glass windows. Court Testimony is very serious. Is George Anthony a child abuser? Did he play a role in Caylee's death? Could he, a former Police Investigator - Orchestrate the evidence and scenarios - so that no case could be forged?

The worst thing we can do, as Americans - is to puff up our chest and say , one way or another - that Justice has or has not been done. We need to instead look upon this case as still open. And find a resolution.

I base these two primary observations and my conclusion, on the strong and unshakeable concept that someone in the Anthony Family knows what's going on.