The water lies deep at the bottom of the dam
seven years it takes to see the light of day
the rain comes down, lightning strikes the hill
and you can stand there and laugh at the wind
as you fly down the standing wave in the river
you touch what has been
and where you are going

Every five years I look back on my life
and I feel who I am and where I am and what I am
and I am what I am
and you are what you are
and the bird flies high in the sky
above the ravine of the noontime sun
steering into rapids
that wait for you
like an open door

and you close your eyes
even while they are open wide
and imagine you are flying high
the white water of the river far below
people flying down the river
wind wave and water
and the slowly building sound of spanish guitars
that whisper to you of eternal truth

And if you go
chasing rabbits
back at home think where they will run
with eyes closed
and dreaming of logic and proportion
and form
that follows function
and rock shaped by running water
and sunlight glistening off the rapids
the low fog hanging on the river
and the cool wind blowing through the canyon
to ollie the gates of hell