Cats and Light

The air is cool and gray
rain collects on the surface of a black car
somewhere a cat meows to be let in
its hair suffused with the cool damp
its paws delicately treading over wet grass

Devices light up around me in the early morning dawn
a smartphone
an ultrabook
a workstation
an alarm

I am connected to everyone and everything
everywhere always

I let the cat in
love flashes briefly between us
before quickly converting itself
into something else

Something calm
and serious
to vibrate through the air
like the invisible electronic storm
bright antenna
glistening with energy

light leaps playfully
into space , filling the window
catching motes of dust
and spinning them in the air

we pretend
both of us
that we are prey
and like kittens at play
we crash through symmetry
the two of us, playing with string
we sneak up on each other
and dance into superposition
a laser
dancing across the floor