Cold Reading

The darkness of liquid oxygen
and a continent of frozen ice
born in the heart of a dying sun
and left to the outside circle

Was a great place to hide our first impression
and the last chance
to make a second guess
at the dying light
of a sun that will one day grow so cold

So how do we express the immortality of the soul
how can we teach children how to surf
An ocean of liquid tri helium
climbs the edge
and makes it hard to set a rail

The children become
Riders on the storm
that exists for a brief moment
as if , a laurel wreath
to compete
and be won
grow and be strong
and to play

as if, a flower
that lives to be grown to be cut to be placed
in the dark hair of an Egyptian woman
who will wear it
and nothing else

except perhaps
a pair of red shoes
and freedom
and a little light
of the soul creation