General Observation

I wanted to share with you a general observation about why I'm here. Alot of blogs are dedicated to things like pictures of your kids, or saving the world from the evils of one certain political ideal or another. This blog is dedicated to kinky sex.

Wait, what does healthcare reform have to do with kinky sex? What about all those dumb record lyrics posts ? How are you supposed to make me believe that you're writing about kinky sex, when you're posting something about cats - or doing a movie review of "Tokyo Zombie" ?

Good question. First, I want to make it clear - and I have written here as well , that I believe kinky sex is probably going to have something to do with the origin of the entire universe. Now, that doesn't mean that kinky sex is some sort of Michelson-Morley Aether that pervades the universe. I've watched enough "Nature Channel" to know that there are some creatures out there that just don't get it. Take anemones for instance.

Anemones reproduce asexually. I've never posted anything about them here, but other bloggers have taken issue with their lifestyle... Take this excerpt..

Save Our Seas Coalition, a Huntsville-based activist group dedicated to "the preservation of aquatic decency and morality." "For God knows how long, this twisted sea creature has been running rampant in our oceans, spreading its unnatural, bisexual lifestyle. And it's high time somebody took a stand."

The controversial anemone, common to warm-water reefs and basins worldwide, has been practicing its alternative sexual lifestyle at least as far back as 1859, when Charles Darwin first catalogued its phylum and species. Since then, over 40 subspecies of Telia felina have been identified as dually gendered.

The Baptist group also strongly denounced the anemone's reproductive habits and family structure.

"Unlike so many respectable, God-fearing creatures, the Telia felina reproduces asexually, openly mocking traditional family values by giving birth to and raising its young in a single-parent setting," Chester said. "This anti-Christian anemone, which has the audacity to think that a child can grow up properly without the benefit of two loving parents, is truly the Murphy Brown of the deep."

Added Chester: "If you still doubt the pain and suffering wrought by this undersea abomination, just look into the eyes of a young anemone child forced to grow up wondering why Mommy and Daddy live in the same body. This, my friends is just not natural."

Clearly, in this blog, I've chosen a middle ground.Other bloggers might stir the political firestorm that Nature's Sea Anemone seems to represent. Not here.

It is true, that I am personally not comfortable with spineless, strange , bottom dwelling sea creatures ... especially ones that drip venom at every tentacle. I , however do feel that they have the right to have marital squabbles just like everyone else. Even if , ahem... the argument would be strangely one sided..

But wait, you may say. What about movie reviews? What do they have to do with kinky sex? Good question.

Posting about a movie review "Tokyo Zombie" is, in a way, posting about how undeath can fail to stop desire. Their desire is for human brains. Let's face it, sex with a zombie probably isn't alot of fun. Stupid Zombies are decidedly unsexy and need to be killed. But girls who play Stupid Zombies on their cellphone ARE sexy. You see where I'm going with this...

So, what about record lyrics posting? What's up with that?*

Writing a record lyrics post is really about internet environmental activism. I am trying to keep the room free of all kinds of strange internet diseases - alot of the record lyrics pages out there are just internet traps waiting to deliver malware. They're waiting for someone who could be searching for any phrase, like "The Lords of Acid" or "The Scissor Sisters" and then slam a popup right in your face. I post them with images, ad gfree to create a clean page for them to live and to appreciate that the person who wrote them is writing something cool. DDF. Granted that's kind of a stretch, but music is alot of fun. This kind of post isabout the lyric as well as the image. In fact, most images in those posts are kind of visual puzzles. In some images I've even coded JSTEG into them. However, Google works by indexing whatever is linked more than any other thing - so my link to an image is a clean reference. To mean, a big part of being dirty is about being clean. I guess I could say something more or less the same about the possibility of whether or not we could have some kind of comprehensive healthcare reform. You could say life is more fun if everyone isn't transmitting some kind of strange communicable disease.

About cats. What , then? Come on. Seriously.

Sure I've posted things about how Cats are alert, awake, aware. The species consists of hunters and huntresses and they are so effecient they can make a kill in the morning and then spend the rest of the day lying around in bed. I am obviously someone who at least appreciates them for who they are. A cat can look upon a queen. Cats could be considered a non-kinked topic. But then, maybe I'm not objective. How can the undercurrent of kink find its way into a story about cats?

I thought I would end this post by relating a story I've never told before.
Let the reader decide. Caveat lecteur, mon semblable! Mon frere!

It was a hot day. She turned to me and said, let's go. She looked beautiful. I said do it. I reached down between my legs and .. pulled the seat back. She gunned the engine.

Suddenly, without warning. A loud sound. Then, white fur started flying out of the AC vent. The kitty was somehow inside the engine. I grabbed her and could still feel a pulse. We rushed her to the doctor. She'd been sitting just under the fan blade.
The fur had come from her head, which caught the edge of the blade and was shaved.

I remember her fondly. And To be honest, this would have been a story about any other day between us. We likely would have powered down the road together and gone to the airport. Instead, it turned into a life or death struggle to save the life of a pet. You'll be glad to know that the cat survived this fan blade of death. Even though she was shaved clean from the top of her head (she looked like friar tuck).

Hot girl. Hot car. Shave the kitty. Take it off. Play doctor. Happy Ending.

* (queue saxophone player, and danders ) What's up with that? What's up with that?