Sweet Dreams

My arm was pinned happily
into position

I was out
like a light

But making it back alive

I seem to remember
Three things

The earth
was a burning hellscape
turtles stacked all the way down

The blessed mother
had made a place for dying
and everyone called it home

made your breasts
float upward
and you drifted

into my hands
each perfect

That was the happy part

Oh, and there was a number
if anyone wants to write it down

It was bigger than any other
just giant
straining to the sky

So we decided to give it a name
and you called it

And then the police broke in
and gave me a cup of coffee
and we all sat up
and talked about baseball
and the green monster

and 1996
and how Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux
conducted their business
in the style of actuaries
studious collectors of numbers and patterns
and opportunities
who arrive with a plan
and ride it through to the end