Frack, Explained

The line of play in the song "Frack" by Princess Chelsea is the same as all of her other songs: the line between human and transhuman. Her beautiful chorus matches the concept of our transition, first from human, then to cyborg (coming soon to a really cool looking clubhouse meeting with really cool looking clubhouse people attending ) , and then to transhuman.

And as always, the video that accompanies the song acts as a sort of rosetta stone, guiding us on into the interior of a beautiful, haunting melody. And we shout out "frackshau! frackshau!" as she and her band wind themselves tighter and the lyric turns to a more pleasant frame.

In fact, it will probably amaze all of us how we can sing "la la la la" during almost anything. Princess Chelsea
is good about sharing the spark behind her eye.

Frack yer burn.