So. What now?

Saturday morning.
You can feel the cold coming.

Always like this, early october.

What now?

That must be it, yes? To live in Boston.
To hear the stories of the witch of the west wind,
the tales told at night at the commons.

The cold wind blown
the spray to jagged shards of ice
all about their boat.

So, Here I am. In a grove of redwoods.
Fiat Lux.

I am leaving the fuck no trace.
No fire escapes
the cold stones.

This is where I want them to lay me.
Others , not so.

Others. Have been laid.
Into the dust.

Not live entertainment.

By the First. Amendment. Of. The. Constitution. Of. The. United. States. Of. America.

So that takes care of both the
fed and nevada, at once?

doesn't it