I have been in love
with women
who have to have a place
for everything
and everything in its place

I deeply thank
the women
for guiding me to consent

Nothing is a greater turn on
Guiding me home
Than the moment
when we both come together
and agree

The play
and beautiful

At once celebrating
forcing to question
everything about myself
and to learn everything
about you

She drove away
in her black bmw

echoes against defenses
vanity, insecurity
and beauty

I walk away
with a passion
to finally end

Passive aggression
and narcissism

I accept the brutal role
of consensuality

And the neighbor who lives next to you
that must have heard us
And the couple in the apartment below
your head
between her legs
one night

But in the line
at the haunted house
She turned angrily and said

I'm no carpet muncher.

So we asked the magic eightball
which replied:

You may rely on it

We own
from our play
and consent
and some say

You lift me up
You life me on
You have given us

A secret smile
that passes between us

Whenever we meet.

You follow me.
And I follow you.