Chambliss and Martin Likely in Run-off

Looks like Jim Martin Did it! with 96% of the vote, he's kept Saxby Chambliss under 50 percent, bouncing back from being the 29 point underdog to within 4 points !

Votes still being tallied. 12:04 ESDT. with 97% counted., Saxby at 49.9 percent. Ga. Law Requires 50 percent, plus one vote. What a race! Lets see what the next month brings - Run off Dec. 4th.


Anonymous said…
ok, but remember that as a republican - my advice to you newly minted "dems" is that you're going to be quietly surprised about the GOP ground game during a run off. Don't count those libertarians out either.

anyway, good work last night tb.
M@ said…
I was proud that my old buddy from high school won 2,011 votes in his gubernatorial race with the Gov. Jim Douglas of Vermont. Not bad for a 30 year-old independent who raises chickens!
Vermont is for lovers!!

( o )( o )