A Message to Saxby Chambliss

Dear Mr. Saxby Chambliss,

I understand that now your friends are circulating really scary commercials about how Jim Martin is going to take away America's right to a secret ballot. Hmm.. Thats neat. And what else? Oh, just really scary , whiny commercials? Like you did with Max Cleland. What a guy you are.

Saxby, I am not sure why you whined so loudly about your "knee injury" when America asked you to serve. You ran away from your duty to serve, and you've done a good job of running away from your chance to stand up to the most corrupt and least effective Administration in American History. Sure are alot of good people out there you want to forget that fact. You'd better run some more scary ads. Oh, but I've found an Ad for you.

So here's a message for you, courtesy of Mr. T.

Now Saxby, don't get me wrong. Its nice to have good sounding, good looking people like you when folks like Jim Martin, who somehow balanced budgets eight years straight - and stood up against the big 700 billion dollar checks you've been cutting your investment banking friends - is running for re-election. I am sure you're going to do the same things you did to get us all into the worst mess America's ever been in, especially since your lobbyist friends have all joined in.

But most of all Mr. Saxby, I really appreciate how you work so hard to set good people against each other. How you've made some places that vote for you more patriotic than others. You've really changed the south. Why, here in Georgia, you've taken people who used to gather at the country store to talk politics in soft tones - and with all your fun advertising and slogans and such? .. You've split them into two different groups and made them fight against each other. Your northern friends like that one. I heard you like to play golf with Northerners. That old "football knee injury" stop you from hitting Par on those expensive golf courses the lobbyists take you on?

I'm pretty sure that Knee Injury got better , since you're now listed as one of the best golfers in congress. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and good luck with your career.