An Independents View of Election Day

Being an Indpendent, my vote is being cast for Barack Obama tomorrow morning. However, my focus usually strays from political issues , on election day - to one of basic electoral fairness. I normally consider the issues early on, and usually I have made up my mind from either the first or second debate. The debates are really important to me, and I am almost always working to keep them fair. How the candidates carry themselves is important. Alot went into the decision, I'm proud of it.

In addition, early on, I usually think very carefully about a candidates campaign structure - are they getting money from lobbyists? Are they essentially telling the truth? I can easily check up on any candidates finances, not so much how much they have but rather where its coming from and how they are spending it - I use the center for responsive politics, .

However, what I really get into on election day, is basic fairness. I am leery of touch screens, and I am a technologist. Therefore I hope I have put emphasis on the striking reasons why we should monitor the entire process. Diebold is or was storing storing their votes database in an open, easily password-cracked MS Access .MDB file. We can fix those things through legislation. But there is still something you can do to keep them fair.

I work to make sure every vote is counted properly. I am going to Video the Vote.

So. Its not so political, is it? Just work. Thats what I will be up to, tomorrow, at my Local Church and polling precinct. If the election is counted fairly, we all win. If anyone cheats. We all lose. GOP. or DEM. I guarantee you, however, McCain will not win unless every single vote is counted fairly.

And neither will Saxby. Tomorrows Senate Election , in GA. is going to be extremely close.


M@ said…
Yeah, but the thing with democracy is that the people start to get all uppity....

I can't wait for the election to close so Joe Biden can start talking to the media again. A penny for your thoughts, Joe?