Slumdog Millionaire

The basic idea is a powerful one, and one of simple questions. Is it our destiny to be drawn to the person we love? The director of 28 Days Later has struck upon a nerve with me. This was a perfect monday morning discovery. I am kicking ass and taking names at work - its charged up my energy to go for the gold. This is a big week for me. My wife and I will go to see this movie, this Friday. And if you happen to be unattached, or single, or out there wondering whether fate will turn your way - remember that the depiction of fate on the Ancient roman coin - She held a sheaf of grain in one hand, and the tiller of a ship in the other. The idea is simple - fate can be kind, or she can turn your ship into the sudden storm and sail you straight into the maelstrom. What we know of this film is that it is golden. I guarantee it will win Academy Awards. Guarantee it. And thats not just because my uncle is on the voting committee


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