Chambliss to 50%, Vote Count Underway

GA State law requires that the Senator be elected with 50% of the vote, plus one. Jim Martin ran a valiant race, on his own. In the summer, with only 92,000.00 campaign funding - Martin came back from 29 points down, to make the race competitive. As soon as he did that, things got interesting. The votes are still being counted, but they're early votes - advance votes, and absentees. The chance of Martin forcing Chambliss to a run-off exists. Again, remember, Chambliss only needs to win by one vote. But, having said that, he can lose by one vote as well. Very proud of GA that we've sent a message to the biggest Bush Republican in the house that if he wants to keep slandering people and rubber stamping Bush policies, he's going to be out of a job.

And , in Other news.. Onion News Network reports that Black Man Given Nation's Worst Job

Update: At 7:30 AM, 14 Min. Ago. Martin, 46.8, Chambliss 49.8. AJC Reporting

Update : 8:33 AM ESDT - Chambliss now at 51%, vote count underway. Martin made it close. IF the early and absentees break for Martin, you've got a run-off. 98% of the vote is counted.