From the Land of the Conservative White Man..

Crickets. No lines. The GOP base voters are nowhere to be found. Should be interesting tonight. My prediction: Barack Obama, 51% Popular vote, with 374 EV. Landslide victory for Obama. Ga. Senate Race, Martin forces under the 50% line and the race for the Senate takes a strong turn towards Martin, who will have up-ended a very, very Bush Republican opponent.

The video the vote project was a big success. Saxby Chambliss is putting signs on every corner, there's a serious air of desperation from his side of the fence. We worked the polls for two hours, at lunchtime there were people. But by and large, not a huge turnout. Nothing like last week, where in advance voting was like playing "Meet the Obama supporter" in line. I had to leave line, in fact, because it was so long.

Did you vote today? Go! You're allowed to take off work. Just do it, even if you're planning on voting for the McCain Palin ticket. Conservative talk radio show hosts will be needing you to tune in, their livelihood depends on whether or not you actually exist. Come on McCain /Palin voters... we know you're out there. Don't be shy! Come vote for the Maverick.

Better still, vote for the next president of the United States. Barack is going to WIN!


Cobb County, Ga.: Since 1976, GOP presidential nominees have averaged 62 percent in this populous Atlanta suburb. But polls show McCain running considerably behind that clip in Cobb. McCain isn’t a great fit in the socially conservative county, but there is another factor at play in driving down his numbers: Roughly a fifth of the population is African-American. Then there is the wildcard — the Libertarian nominee, Bob Barr, was once the local congressman

(from politico)