The first test of 8200

This move below the 8200 mark is an important statistical measure of the stability of the market. Markets are variable, they have a tendency to go above and below a certain mean. For the past four weeks, the Dow at 8200 has shown resilience in hitting that mark and rebounding. With most of the day trading sideways, we've seen a real trend in the market close to chase the indices down and close negative. At 1:00 today the markets were at or near 8200 and then they crashed down almost 600 points from their mean, to end at 7,600.


M@ said…
I need to diversify my skills. I'm thinking bartender school might be great w/ my graduate degree. They say liquor stores are doing brisk business.
I had this dream last night where my brother slid on his belly like an adele penguin across the lawn in front of the dorm . And he was going so fast he hit his head on the curb and his body flipped over and then he was running around sort of senselessly gesticulating ... It was a nightmare I was worried about him.

The Saint Bernard never comes. I wake up early and play warcraft.
Gorthaur Ultsch said…
Stated earlier by you that 8200 was a magic number: NO!

Try 6000?
Gortháur said…
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Gortháur said…
6000 will come again soon, this year I think. Except perhaps inflation will adjust the number to something like 8500. A 2007 dollar would buy a 2013 dollar at? What about my 1981 dollar? Inflation reigns.

Busts followed by new highs - that is the way of things today, especially now in our manipulated market. The market no longer informs of real price data, nor of economic data. As the market is controlled by heavy hands, it has "their" agenda.

Real assists. Land, gold & silver, goods are the way to invest. Something that might retain value in a hyper inflationary environment. History repeats itself.