Facts about Healthcare Reform

The healthcare reform package is heading to its final form. Here is a good FAQ about the current house and senate bills. The main thing to remember is that the house bill really represents reform, and the Senate bill represents giveaways to insurance lobbyists.

Reconciliation is important. write your congressman or , better still write your senator and tell them you want real reform. When the bills are merged, how they are merged is crucial. Right now, whats really going on in the press is that the final bill is being assembled + the senate is moving to finish their debate on their version of it all. And yes, that version is flawed. But the final bill might be a good thing.

This is a high stakes game. If the bill is passed, without real reform - we will have the public be required to pay for insurance and be penalized if they don't. We want the government to deliver good, decent healthcare - it is a huge thing for small businesses - very important. And they draw the line at your payroll -if it exceeds 500,000.00 then they ask you to go private, which is fine - but under 500k payroll size small business gets a huge shot in the arm because that size is too small to go out and get decent coverage. The group size is too small. This bill is good for small business, good for America.

And if you can get in touch with your representative, and let them know you want strong reform - it will open up a new realm of competition and your insurance premiums will drop like a rock. Go for it!