Tokyo Zombie

Ok, how do you describe a film whose first scene is two guys locked in combat on mattresses they threw on the floor of their workplace at lunchtime, a protagonist who threatens his doctor to tell him his stomach ulcer is in fact cancer, and the first murder victim to be someone who orders him to roll up in a mattress so he can slap him repeatedly on the head? Flesh eating zombies that arise from a Tokyo Waste dump, and , of course - the film is entirely narrated by a five year old girl. Nan dess ka? Tokyo Zombie dess! Tokyo Zombie o kudasai!

The image search for the movie poster, happens to be an image that is hosted internally at Don't ask me why. Maybe things get boring over there in between builds. No wonder they're always thinking about wearing a jet pack on your back..

The first scene we see of the toxic waste dump 'Black Fuji' - is a scene in which a girl is directing her boyfriend to bury his own mother, because she is pissed off at her. The mother, buried up to her head, screams to her son that his girlfriend 'is a witch' . The girlfriend kicks her head off like a football. When the zombies finally rise from the ground, his girlfriend is one of the first to get eaten alive - she's eaten right about at the time she's threatening him with no sex - he escapes only to get run down by what looks like an ice cream truck. The two driving it - who also happen to be the main characters - watch him get back up. As they look back a crowd of zombies is walking towards him, and one of them remarks that everything's going to be ok - that nice group of people will get the guy to the hospital. As they drive off, the zombies devour him.

Then there is the main character's wife, who happens to be fairly dedicated to yelling at him whenever he comes home, beating him up, and in general, calling him a fucking retard every chance she gets. Their daughter does not speak. Until the end of the film.

Guess what her first words are.