Tough Little Chick

The sky is falling
said the soft, small being
looking up and seeing only sky
ignoring that which lay beside

he imagines a piece of heaven
to shear from the firmament
and rotate to earth
falling silent like a dream
in space no-one can hear you scream

Everyone was afraid
wondering how he survived
a fragment of the sky
striking at terminal velocity

Tough little chick they thought aloud
how did he survive
how is he alive

they say when he was hit in the head
he saw stars

sitting nearby sir Isaac Newton
struck on the head with the same apple
falling from the same tree
discovered the law of gravity

the same stars looked down
upon chicken little and sir isaac newton
and they whispered to both the question

one ran to alarm
and one to the laboratory
struck both the same upon their brow
its the setting of the sail
and not the gales
that tell us the way to go

question the answer
and then divide
between friend and familiar
fear and reason
seek the answer to the question

and maybe even build a chicken sign
that tells us the way to go
a big one
with big eyes
and a smile